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Astro Aimer Gen II
W e l l - T h o u g h t - O u t   D e s i g n   f o r   S t a r g a z e r s
Broad Applications
Astro Aimer's green laser is perfect for pinpointing star locations as well as any other pointing needs.  The two-color LED flashlight is ideal for any indoor and outdoor illumination. Its multi functions make Astro Aimer a very useful tool for astronomers, educators, hikers, campers, any outdoor goers, rescuers, CSI laser investigation tools and many others.
Features Beat All Laser Pointers:
High Output Green Laser with Automatic Power Control Circuit
Astro Aimer contains a visually effective Class IIIa (< 5mW) high output green laser at 532nm wavelength.  Green laser is 20 times brighter than red laser at the same output power, as perceived by human eyes. The extremely visible green laser line allows an audience within about 3 meter radius around you to clearly trace the laser line to the intended star.

The Astro Aimer has a built-in feedback circuit that constantly monitors laser output power to keep the output stable.  The control allows the laser to operate more stably under cold or warm ambient temperatures.

Laser ON Light Indicator
When the laser is switched on, the blue LED light under laser switch glows dimly to signal you that the device is on so you will not accidentally point the laser to others or yourself (see photo shown below).
Time delayed laser switch
A built-in laser activation timer (aprx. 40 to 50 seconds) allowing hands free laser aiming when mounted as a finder scope. The user can activates the laser and follow the laser beam to aim the telescope to the desired destination and gets busy viewing the object. The laser automatically turns off to save power without additional effort to turn off.

Variable Brightness Modes Red LED
The red LED has a total of 3 brightness modes.  Low and intermediate modes are for map reading, and high brightness mode (4,000 mcd) is for night illumination without disrupting other stargazers' dark adapted vision. Activate the red light modes by turning front flashlight bezel to the left.

3 High Efficient White LEDs
Three white LEDs provide true color and bright illumination (approx. 21,000 mcd total), the best tool for packing up, searching for lost items, identifying colored items, and field illumination. Activate the white light by turning front flashlight bezel to the right. 

A voltage regulated power control circuit keeps both Red and White LEDs at a constant brightness. The circuitry keeps the LEDs operating at maximum brightness until the minimum voltage cut off point (4 volt). LED brightness does not decay according to the battery drain as with other battery powered flashlights.

In addition, you may turn ON either of the LED flashlights in combination with the activated green laser to pin point an illuminated object.  This feature is useful especially when the object is large, which requires additional lighting for better visual confirmation.

Knurled LED Flashlight Switch Control
The knurled flashlight cap can be easily operated with a thick glove on a cold night.  Also the distinguishable detents on each light mode help you to operate in the dark.

Easy Telescope Aiming Adjustment
Our time delayed laser switch frees both hands for telescope aiming without having to hold the laser ON button as with other green pointers. Please see How to Align Your Astro Aimer with Your Telescope for details.

Universal Mounting
- 1" diameter fits most existing 6x30 finder scope mounts or on our TLM02-MT laser mount.
- 1 standard ΒΌ"-20 screw hole ready for any tripod or ball mount.
Stand alone
Collapse and
inserted in rail

Precision Machined Quality
Our well crafted Astro Aimer is precision CNC machined from aero-space grade aluminum material, then we sand blast and anodize for a rugged and long lasting surface finish.

Extra Long Battery Life
Operated by three AAA batteries, approximately 20 continuous hours, included with the product.

Convenient Field Carrying
Package includes one detachable 15", adjustable strap to hang on your neck or wrist, a belt clip pouch, and a foam protected box for field transportation.

Dimensions & Weight
1" diameter x 5-3/4" length. 5.3 oz. with batteries.
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