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Astro Aimer G2 Astro Aimer G3 Astro Presenter Green Laser Pointer
H O T E C H   G R E E N   L A S E R S
 The Meteorite Men love the Astro Aimer G3 !
          "It is one of the most amazing tools I can use in the field....."
          "Definitely the hippest gadget we've seen in a while!"
 See the Astro Aimer G3 in action in all new Season Three.

SETI Institute, Dr. Seth Shostak - Senior Astronomer
"This is the best laser for me to show where they are."

Dr. Mike Brown, Caltech Professor of Planetary Astronomy
The "Pluto-Killer" always keeps his Astro Aimer handy with him.
Discovered the planet X, Eris.
Dr. Geoff Marcy - Astrophysicist and Astronomer, loves using the Astro Aimer for his search of extrasolar planets.
"The Planet Hunter" using the Doppler spectroscopy technique detected the first two extrasolar planets in 1995, and the quest continues ...
 Dr. Geoff Marcy and the Palomar Observatory Crews    Talking w/ David about his exciting findings
Astrophotographer Adam Block
uses his Astro Aimer as his primary star pointing and illumination tool.
"Honored Astrophotographer takes many of the best astronomical images published.... He is one of the best of them anywhere".  UANews.