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SCA Laser Collimator Advanced CT Laser Collimator
HyperStar Laser Collimator

Recognized Innovations

"There is a tremendous amount of creativity and cleverness being displayed, all backed by a fervent devotion to making the sky more accessible and enjoyable for astronomy enthusiasts at all levels.
It is truly inspiring."
Robert Naeye, Sky & Telescope Editor in Chief
Read Astronomy Technology Today review article by Rod Mollise "Uncle Rod."

New 2014 Article from Amateur Astronomy Magazine by writer and Senior Astrophotographer Robert Reeves.
"The device provides an unparalleled amount of data useful for tuning telescope optics with three references on the collimator target: the three laser dots, the centering crosses, and the doughnut shadow as well the three laser dots and cross on the reflector target installed in the eyepiece holder..... Performing all the checks available through the collimator revived my ailing telescope and transformed it from a near paper wright to a fantastic planetary imaging scope."Read the article.