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Testimonials and Customer Reviews
 The Meteorite Men love the Astro Aimer G3 !
          "It is one of the most amazing tool I can use in the field....."
   As an active amateur astronomer for nearly 40 years, I've learned to treasure the equipment that meets a need especially well.  The Astro Aimer has become a permanent item in my eyepiece case for this reason.  At star parties, I keep it around my neck so that guests can have an instant picture of constellations drawn out into space with the bright, clear beam.   
   The laser fits comfortably into the hand, not too flimsy or bulky.  The fit and finish look professional, almost like a fine weapon Luke Skywalker would have.  It makes a simple yet effective laser finder you can attach to your telescope with the optional bracket.  The red and white light switch ring is conveniently placed and I was quickly able to memorize which way was red, which white.  The three-way brightness for the red light is a nice feature, and it won't get bumped out of its position by accident.
   This all comes in handy at the end of the party when it is time for loading up.  The white light was easily bright enough to do the "Nagler walk," where one makes a last search of the grounds for items dropped in the dark.  Thanks to HoTech for designing such a useful tool for the astronomers !!                                 - M. Carey, CA, former President of SBVAA


   I live in Christchurch, New Zealand and wanted an Astro Flashlight, and a green laser for my telescope, as a laser finder. I came across your Astro Aimer G3, and thought it was just the thing I am looking for.
   I just received my Astro Aimer 3 and can tell you it's well constructed. The Red astro light is great for astronomy. The White light is nice and bright, and the laser works well, so can use it for, not only pointing out objects to people in the night sky, but makes a great laser finder.
   I notice the Astro Aimer has also a magnet built in the bottom, so will stick to your telescope tube.  I love this product and does everything they say it does and contains everything I have wanted, 3 tools in one and love it. I recommend every astronomer has one of these in their accessory case.                                        - D. Rogers, New Zealand

   I wanted to take a moment to tell you how much I value the Astro Aimer II that I recently purchased.  I am an Emergency Medical Technician who volunteers with a small ambulance corps in my rural town.  I purchased the Astro Aimer thinking it might come in handy during my shifts at night in the ambulance.  So far, it has been outstanding.  I use the red light to read maps and other documents at night without disturbing my or the driver’s night vision.  I have used the bright white LEDs to search through equipment bags for necessary items in the dark and the green laser has been helpful pointing out dimly lit roads and driveways.  Of course the laser has also been helpful in presentations, allowing me to highlight important items projected on the screen.

   Thank you for this all-around great product.  I carry it with me on every call.            - J. Bewlay, New York


   Thank you for a great product!  I am a science teacher at A.B. Miller H.S. in Fontana, California and former president of the San Bernardino Valley Amateur Astronomer's Club. 
   The Astro Aimer has really enhanced my ability to point out celestial objects in the night sky from our light polluted School grounds.  Outlining the constellations for my students is a breeze!  I also use it at public outreaches (very easy for them to see where I am pointing).
   I have also used the Astro Aimer out in the desert to point out locations of faint objects to other astronomers.
   In the classroom the laser is great for demonstrating the Tyndall Effect and how fiber optics work.
Thanks for a great product!!!                                                                                  - R. Rodriguez, CA

   Presently. I am conducting a Star Gazing Tour from the summit of Mt. Haleakala, on the island of Maui, Hawaii.  Utilizing the Astro Aimer which makes it  possible to pinpoint the Constellation and various planets in my explanations and education of the customer participants.
   It is very effective and efficient, in spite of the great difference of temperature, and you can hear the voice of the participants in astonishment when they observe the spectacular green streak of light run across the night sky.
Because of the frequent utilization of the laser for business purpose, if I need maintenance on the lasers, preparation of quick and prompt repair is provided.
   Presently, I am utilizing three of it to present my heavenly body show which is appreciated by customers and with great success, because of the wonderful product that you have supplied and provided me quick service in case of emergency need.  Thanking you for your wonderful support, I remain.
    Your very truly.                                                                                               - Yoshikazu Yamauchi, President, Maui All Stars Tour

   Last September my husband handed me the Astro Aimer Gen II advertisement on Sky and Telescope Magazine and said “this is my birthday gift!”  So sure enough, I got him the Astro Aimer on his birthday. He loves me more than you can think of.  He is a volunteer fireman, and he carries the unit with him all the time, at work and doing outdoor activities.
   I remember one time the Astro Aimer really helped us find our way back from a hiking trip in the dark. We started a little late on the trail run, but an unexpected rain stopped us from getting back for more than an hour.  And it was getting real dark and cold.  The bright flashlight lasted the whole time lighting our way back to the starting point.  When we were finding our way back, we hear people calling our names in the dark, so my husband made a few quick sweep with the green laser to signal through the thick wood toward the sound and they picked up our signal immediately.  And we can hear their excitment that they spotted us.
  The rangers were impressed with the Astro Aimer that has all the functions in one unit and in a very rugged design.  My husband was so proud that I gave him the Astro Aimer, and I am so glad that it really saved us from not stuck in the cold, wet forest overnight.  Thank you for making such a wonderful product!!                                      - Lisa Wilmington, CO


   I have a 2nd generation Astro Aimer that I bought when they first came out. Great product, but years later during an observing session, the laser switch gave out and parts were lost in the dark. I had also noticed that the laser was refusing to fire up on some cold nights. Although it was out of warranty, I contacted HoTech, and they not only repaired the switch, but also the laser module at no cost to me. That's great customer service! In my opinion, you can't go wrong with HoTech's products and service.                                                                                                               -Jim B, Cloudcroft, New Mexico

   I have seen so many green lasers at star parties and presentations, but the Astro Aimer really got my attention when one of my friend used it at a star party last November.  Greg whipped out the Astro Aimer from a nicely designed soft belt-poutch, and start to show me where all the constellations are with precise pointing from star to star linking up the shape of the constellations.  The laser seems stronger and consistant than any 5mW green laser pointers I have seen.  It was a very impressive and clear presentation that I needed since childhood.
   After a few discussions, he twist the front cap of the unit adjusting a built-in red flashlight to high brightness mode and walked me to see other telescopes setup by other members.  Wow, the laser has a flashlight!!  We used various modes to read the star map and walk about the field without disturbing anyone's night vision in the field.
   Then again, Greg handed me the unit and asked me to twist the front cap in other direction to turn on the white flashlight to help him pack up his telescope toward the end of the night.  I was thinking more gagets on this unit!? I took a good look in my hand and found the Astro Aimer's casing is really design for long lasting use unlike the skinny painted green pointer tube.  I was totally impressed with the multifunctional unit, and was temped to barrow the Astro Aimer from him for the following night to show my kids from what I learned that night.  But Greg said “get it yourself, I am using it every day!!”  Oh, what a friend.  I ended up getting the Astro Aimer myself, and I’ll say the unit is worth every penny I spent, and believe it or not I also got really attached to it like Greg.
   It is the best gadget you can actually use for many purpose and never get tire of.   I use the Astro Aimer at my shop finding a lost screw under the bench by sweeping the laser beam across the floor.  The screw shows up with cool shinny green laser light, then I pick up the screw with the aid of the built-in flashlight.  Thanks to HoTech that you have built such a great product for us.                                                                                                                         -
Sean McCarthy, OR

   My friend was able to pinpoint where I was when I stopped in the woods at a ski run last week.  It was dawn and snowing, and we all tried to locate each other by poor cell phone reception.  So I shoot my green laser straight up into the sky.  The Astro Aimer worked like a long lightsaber.  It lighted up a vertical green line into the snowing sky.  My friends located me immediately after they trace the reflected green snow laser beam in the sky down to my location on other side of the slope which is about quarter mile away!
   When they came within visual range, I used the built-in flashlight to signal and home their way to me.  It is such a cool tool, I will always carry with me. I think the snow patrols or any skiers should get one of the Astro Aimer.  It can certainly help to locate people if they are in trouble in the deep wood or snow.                                          - Steve Gilmore, CA

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