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Why buy Astro Aimer over regular green pointer?
1. Laser power: Astro Aimer - true 5mW, Green Pointer - 3mW~5mW

You get what you pay for.  A stable full 5mW green laser enables you confident optimal visibility during your presentation.  Many green pointers varies in output power from one unit to another.  You will have to try your luck to actually get a true 5mW laser pointer.  You want every penny spent worth while.


2. White flashlight: Astro Aimer - Yes, Green Pointer - None

   One less item you will have to carry in your equipment box.  Unlike the green pointers, the Astro Aimer is equipped with 3 powerful efficient white LEDs at total of 21,000 mcd for any illumination purpose. Take advantage of the white light to spot items revealeded in true color.  You can use it in your garage, home for emergency use, or outdoor activities like camping, hiking, biking, fishing, or just walking the dog at dawn.  The combination of green laser and white flashlight enables you to pinpoint and illuminate the object in the dark.


3. Red flashlight: Astro Aimer - Yes, Green Pointer – None

   Another less item you will have to carry in your equipment box.  Unlike the green pointers, the Astro Aimer has a variable brightness red LED at maximum of 4,000 mcd for night illumination use without disturbing your and others’ adapted night vision.  Many red flashlights only have one brightness mode.  You get to take the full advantage in varying 3 brightness modes on the Astro Aimer for different conditions and purposes.  You can use the dim mode to read star map or in a presentation without distracting the audience.  And you can use the bright red mode to walk about when hopping from one telescope to another at a star party without disturbing other viewers’ night vision.


4. Laser activiation indicator: Astro Aimer - Yes, Green Pointer – None

   It is always safe to know that your laser is activated so you don’t accidentally look into the laser beam.  Majority of the green pointers does not have a power ON indicator which can be potentially danger to operate.


5. Tripod mount screw hole: Astro Aimer – Yes, Green Pointer – None

   Easily mounting the Astro Aimer on any tripod or mounting system with ¼ ”-20 screw is a breeze without any additional mounting cost in compare with green pointers.


6. Time delayed laser switch: Astro Aimer - Yes, Green Pointer - None

   Working with momentary switch green laser pointer mounting on your telescope is cumbersome because you will have to hold your thumb on the switch to active the laser while slewing the telescope.  In contrast, the mounted Astro Aimer helps you hands free operation while slewing the telescope with the aid of the activated time delayed powerful green laser to the desire object.  The laser then automatically turns off without additional effort, so you can concentrate working on what you intend to do - viewing the object.  The time delayed switch also conserves battery life and protects your laser from overheating if the laser is accidentally activated, but conventional green pointer will continue turned on until the battery is drained or the laser is overheated which causes permanent laser damaged.


7. Battery life: Astro Aimer - 3 AAA –15 hrs, Green Pointer - 2 AAA – 9 hrs

   With one extra AAA battery capacity, the Astro Aimer gets 5 extra hours of operation without sacrificing the convenient availability of the battery world wide and cost effectiveness of the AAA batteries.  Users always know that there is extra battery power to use over the entire star gazing night.  Sometimes the extra 5 hours can also mean life and death.  If you are lost in the wood, with the Astro Aimer in hand, you know that you have the extra battery power of using the flashlights to guide you though the dark and perhaps using the green laser to signal rescuers in the dark to come to rescue fast.


8. Neck/wrist strap: Astro Aimer – Yes, Green Pointer – None

   The long and skinny pen based green pointer does not provide in any means of convenient storage for quick access.  On the other hand, the detachable adjustable strap makes the Astro Aimer extremely portable and easy access for users at the most desired convenient location.


9. Carrying pouch: Astro Aimer – Yes, Green Pointer – None

   Another way of storing the Astro Aimer at the most convenience and easy access location in compare with the regular green pointer.  Belt clip pouch is the best storage place in keeping the laser close with you.


10. Rugged body construction: Astro Aimer - Anodize Aluminum, Green Pointer - Painted brass tube

   The aero-spaced grade anodized aluminum body ensures a long lasting laser body in protection under most extreme environment.  The green pointer’s painted brass body can be easily chipped and cause unwanted corrosion to the laser.