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Foods for Brain Literatures

General Interests

Introduction to Lasers and Their Applications; Donald C. O'Shea; Hardcover.
Laser Experiments for Beginners; Bertrand H. Spencer, et al; Paperback.
Laser Fundamentals; William T. Silfvast; Hardcover.
Laser Fundamentals; William T. Silfvast; Paperback.
Lasers; Lynn Myring; Paperback.
Lasers : Invention to Application; Jesse H. Ausubel, John R. Whinnery; Paperback.
The Laser in America, 1950-1970; Joan Lisa Bromberg; Hardcover.
Special Interests
Applications of Lasers and Laser Systems; David Beach, et al; Hardcover.
Applications of the Laser; Leon Goldman; Hardcover.
Applied Laser Tooling; O.D.D. Soares, M. Perez-Amor; Hardcover.
Crystalline Lasers : Physical Processes and Operating Schemes (Laser Science and Technology Series); Aleksandr Aleksandrovich Kaminskii, Alexander A. Kaminskii; Hardcover.
Laser and Eye Safety in the Laboratory; Gabe Garcia, Larryl Matthews; Paperback.
Pulsed Laser Deposition of Thin Films; Graham K. Hubler, Douglas B. Chrisey; Hardcover.
Basics of Laser Material Processing; Alexander G. Grigoryants; Hardcover.
Dynamics of Lasers; Hardcover.
Dynamics of Lasers (Nonlinear Systems); C.O. Weiss, R. Vilaseca; Hardcover.
Dynamics of Non-Linear Optical Systems; L. Pesquera, F.J. Bermejo; Hardcover.
Engineering Uses of Coherent Optics; E.R. Robertson; Hardcover.