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Laser Diode Modules

 Ideal for alignment, measurement, aiming, machine vision, robotic control, and more.
 Customized per your mechanical, electrical, and optical requirements.
 Rock bottom price to meet your cost need.
General Specifications for Laser Diode Modules
532nm (diode pumped CW), 635nm (visible red) to 980nm (IR)
Effective Output Power
Class II < 1mW, Class IIIa < 5mW, 10mW, 15mW, 30mW+
Diode Structure
index guided
Power Supply
2.7-6V DC
APC or ACC regulated with short circuit protection
3 or single element glass, acrylic, line generator
Beam Shape
Circular (1/4"@100'), elliptical, 60 ~ 120 deg. fan angle line
8 - 11.5mm dia. x 17 - 27mm L, or customized size
Operating Temperature
-10 - 50 deg. C
Power Contact
Specified wire length or spring contact
Laser Diodes
 Ideal for bar code scanning, measurement, diode pumped laser, DVD player, and etc.
 Meet your design and production needs at high/low volume demand.

General Specifications for Laser Diodes

Wavelength 635nm (AlGaInp) to 980nm (IR)
Max. Output Power 5mW, 10mW, 20mW, 50mW (IR), & 200mW (IR)
Diode Structure Index guided, 5.6mm package, 9mm adapter available
Forward Voltage (Vf) 1.9V - 2.3V
Operating Current (Iop) 25mA - 35mA (visible), 30mA - 80mA (IR)
Operating Temerature -10 - 50 deg. C
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Superbright LED
 Ideal for flashlight, display panel, traffic and auto tail light, CCD camera night vision enhancement, and etc.
 Broad range of color varieties, 5.0mm diameter LED lamp, popular T-1 ¾, 1" lead, I.C. compatable, and low power consumption.
 Customized package available.
 Competitive price and fast delivery.

General Specifications for LEDs