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RTMC Astronomy Expo, Camp Oakes, CA. May 23th-27th, 2013
Demonstrations at our booth:
- Advanced CT Laser Collimator for Cassegrain Telescopes:
   - Complete demonstration of entire optical train alignment on a Cassegrain telescope
   - Optical centering of the secondary mirror.
   - Axial alignment of focuser in reference to the optical axis of the primary mirror.
   - And more.
 Astro Aimer Directional Belt Clip
 Quick release & hands-free illumination accessory for Astro Aimer     
 Advanced CT Laser Collimator
 Ideal for Cassegrain Telescope Collimation
 Hot Product  2010 - Sky & Telescope Magazine
 See our new simplified optical Co-Alignment Technique
 New model with brighter crosshair alignment laser
 SCA Crosshair Laser Collimator
  Ideal for NewtonianTelescope Collimation
  Hot Product  2009 - Sky & Telescope Magazine
  Star Product 2010 - Astromony Magazine
  New built-in thread for accurate barlow attachment
 SCA Field Flattener
 High Quality Optics with the Most Reliable and Secure SCA Adapter 
 Read the new released article from Astronomy Technology Today
 Special Winter Sale!  Was $245, now $160.